It Follows Full Horror Movie by David Robert Mitchell

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About It Follows:

It Follows is a 2014 American supernatural psychological horror film written and directed by David Robert Mitchell. It stars Maika Monroe, Keir Gilchrist, Daniel Zovatto, Jake Weary, Olivia Luccardi, and Lili Sepe.
The plot follows a girl pursued by a supernatural entity after a sexual encounter Filmed in Detroit, Michigan, the film debuted at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival.
 It was purchased by RADiUS-TWC for distribution. After a successful limited release beginning 13 March 2015, the film had a wide release on 27 March. The film was moderately successful, grossing $20.6 million worldwide but received critical acclaim. A possible sequel is in development.


It Follows Full Horror Movie
It Follows Full Horror Movie

It Follows Horror Story:

Jay, a Michigan understudy, sees a film with her new beau, Hugh. In the theater, Hugh calls attention to a young lady whom Jay says she can’t see. Apprehensive, he asks that they clear out. On another date, Hugh and Jay engage in sexual relations in his auto and he weakens her with chloroform. She awakens attached to a wheelchair. Hugh clarifies that she will now be sought after by a substance that no one but they can see, which can take the presence of any individual. Despite the fact that it just moves at a mobile pace, on the off chance that it gets Jay, it will murder her and seek after the past individual to have passed it on: Hugh. In the wake of indicating Jay an exposed lady strolling toward them, Hugh drives her home and escapes. 

It-Follows-Full-Horror-Movie-David Robert Mitchell
It Follows Full Horror Movie

The following day, the police can’t discover the lady or Hugh, who was living under a false character. At school, Jay sees an old lady in a healing facility outfit strolling towards her, undetectable to others. Jay’s sister Kelly and her companions Paul and Yara consent to help and spend the night in the same house. Paul examines a crushed kitchen window yet sees nobody; Jay sees a bloodied half-stripped lady strolling toward her. Jay runs upstairs to the others, who can’t see the element. At the point when a tall man with gouged-out eyes enters the room, Jay escapes the house and cycles to a play area, where her companions discover her. 

With the assistance of their neighbor, Greg, the gathering finds that Hugh’s genuine name is Jeff Redmond and follows him to his location. Jeff clarifies that the element started seeking after him following a one-night stand, and that Jay can pass it to another person similarly. The gathering drives to Greg’s lake house, where Jay figures out how to discharge a weapon. The substance, taking different pretenses, assaults Jay on the lakefront. She shoots it, however it recoups. Jay escapes in Greg’s auto yet collides with a cornfield, and awakens in a healing facility with a broken arm. 

It Follows full horror movie
It Follows full horror

Greg lays down with Jay as he doesn’t trust the substance exists. Days after the fact, Jay sees the element as Greg crush the window to his home and enter. She tries to caution the genuine Greg on the phone however he doesn’t reply. She keeps running into the house and finds the element as Greg’s half-exposed mother thumping on his entryway; it bounced on Greg and slaughters him. Jay escapes via auto and spends the night outside. On a shoreline, Jay sees three young fellows on a watercraft. She uncovers and strolls into the water. Back home, Jay declines Paul’s offer of sex. 

The gathering arrangements to slaughter the element by baiting it into a college swimming pool and diving electrical gadgets into the water. Jay, holding up in the pool, spots the element and acknowledges it has taken the presence of her dad as it tosses the gadgets at her. Terminating at an undetectable target, Paul inadvertently wounds Yara, however shoots the substance in the head, making it fall into the pool. As it pulls Jay’s foot submerged, Paul shoots it again and Jay get away. Paul inquires as to whether the element is dead. Jay approaches the pool, which gradually loads with blood. 

Jay and Paul have intercourse; a short time later, Paul drives past whores in a decrepit piece of town. Later, Jay and Paul stroll down the road clasping hands while somebody strolls behind them.

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