Ouija: Origin of Evil Horror Movie Trailer

About OUIJA: Origin of Evil:

Ouija: Origin of Evil is an upcoming 2016 American supernatural horror film directed by Mike Flanagan and co-written by Flanagan and Jeff Howard. It is a prequel to the 2014 film Ouija, and will feature an entirely different cast from that of the first film, starring Elizabeth Reaser, Annalise Basso, Lulu Wilson, Henry Thomas, Kate Siegel & Alexis G. Zall. The film is produced by Blumhouse Productions, Platinum Dunes and Hasbro. It is scheduled to be released on October 21, 2016 by Universal Pictures.

OUIJA:Origin of the Evil
OUIJA:Origin of the Evil

Set just about fifty years preceding the main film, in 1967’s Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two girls add another trick to support their seance trick business and unwittingly welcome credible abhorrence into their home. At the point when the most youthful little girl, Doris, is surpassed by a concealed and barbarous soul, the family goes up against incomprehensible fears to spare her and send her owner back to the opposite side.

Horror Movie-Origin-of-the-Evil

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