Iru Mugan Full Tamil Movie

Vikram’s Iru Mugan is a smart and scandalous performer.

It attempts to a vast degree because of the alluring screen nearness of Vikram in a double part as the legend and the scoundrel. However after an adrenaline pumping first a large portion of, the second 50% of Iru Mugan loses its way because of uneven pacing and no rationale in the script.

The story is skinny: A disrespected RAW operator Akilan (Vikram) is reviewed by the office to find an insane researcher and a cross dresser Love (likewise Vikram), who has found a savage new medication ‘Velocity inhaler’.

The medication altered to an asthma inhaler can make a common individual into a super killing machine for five minutes. This is a destructive weapon in the hands of a fear monger.

Iru Mugan full movie

Iru Mugan is an absolute Vikram appear. He plays the mean machine Akilan and the finesse, rebel researcher Love at the same time easily. Anand Shankar has composed his script to suit Vikram’s picture of a performing artist who does macho activity movies and investigations with the characters also. What’s more, Vikram convincingly pulls it off with élan.

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