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Winchester full movie imageWinchester (also known as Andrew Winchester: The House that Ghosts Built) is a 2018 supernatural horror film directed by Michael and Peter Spierig, and written by the Spierigs and Tom Vaughan.

The film stars Helen Mirren as heiress Sarah Winchester, with Jason Clarke and Sarah Snook, and follows Winchester as she is haunted by spirits inside her San Jose mansion in 1906.

An American-Australian co-production, the film was released in the United States on February 2, 2018 and in Australia on February 22, 2018.

It received negative reviews from critics, who called it “dull” and “pointless”, but grossed over ten times budget, $41 million worldwide(1)



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IMDb: 5.4/10   More details here

Rotten tomatoes:  More details here


IMDb User Reviews:

For those who want factual history, “Captive of the Labyrinth” by Mary Jo Ignoffo is an excellent biography of Sarah Winchester, who probably was not interested in ghosts, but rather in architecture, a field that did not invite professional participation by women.

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Sarah Winchester’s father manufactured decorative architectural features for Victorian houses, and his factory was right next door to her childhood home — so Sarah grew up intimately exposed to the physical details of building houses. As an educated rich woman, building her house was an expensive hobby she loved and could afford to pursue.

She also incorporated the newest technology – elevators, showers, etc. – into the house, and managed a productive fruit orchards and a dried fruit business, and .

I thought the movie did a good job of including some factual information based on the real Sarah Winchester, and accurately portrayed her as responsible, not crazy, and deeply caring for her family, As for the lurid sensational haunted house story, this was concocted by those who bought the house after Sarah Winchester died, and turned it into a money-making tourist trap.

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That said, I enjoyed this fictional ghost story, which explored deeper themes than I would normally expect from a supernatural horror genre flick. There does seem to be a heavy handed message about gun violence — however, I agree with that message; it’s more than timely..

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